Pastel painting 

I began experimenting with pastels. They’re like crayons, how bad can this be?

This was my first piece and I kept my palate simple. I also used brushes and my fingers to smudge and blend.

This one is for my sister.

We have this kooky saying with my sisters. One will say, “Love your hair.” The reply is always “Hope you win.” Its funny since we’re not exactly the pageant types (not graceful etc.) and its particularly funny in a public bathroom with strangers.

For Tracy Lynn Barnes. On the occasion of her 51st Birthday.

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Food tags from corks

Cute, huh? Easy too. Let me show you two tricks to make this work.

Make sure you cut a flat base so that it stays even. (You can see I used my business card.)

Cut the slit at an angle, so its easily read from above.

PS. My hubbie made that cutting board. We’re a family of dabblers.


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Secrets to Great Homemade Soup


I must like you. I am going to give away my secret to my famed soup. The kind of soup that will kill the bug or warm the heart. It is my specialty.

Actually two secrets.


Next time you have a roast, keep that stuff in the bottom of the pan. Full of fat and flavor. Use that in the bottom of your pot as a soup starter. If it has a fat film on the top, cook onions with it. Add the rest of the “junk” and add broth and the harder veggies (carrots, potatoes, squash, etc.). Cook 15 minutes then add your cooked meat and more delicate veggies (mushrooms, kale, etc.) and finish off for 5.


I keep a baggie in the freezer for bones. Don’t go Dahmer on me…I like all kinds of bones–lamb, pork chops, steak, ribs–more variety the better. This also works well for those rotisserie chickens. When the bag is full, I pull it out and throw in a pot with and water along with onion, celery, bay leaf and salt/pepper. The best broth is homemade broth.


This is my secret to my chicken noodle soup (besides homemade broth). These noodles are in the grocery’s freezer section and they are amazing, just like grandma’s noodles.

grandma noodles

While your making soup, make extra for when a bug hits the house.

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