Key Chandelier

“If you buy them, you’re carrying them.” This is what Peter said as I paid $4.00 for a large box of keys. I disregarded his comment, un2014-07-06 08.15.32til I went to pick up the box. Oh. Well how could I resist?

I had no idea what I’d do with them, though. But that has never stopped me before bringing odd items into the studio with no plan.


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GF and Dairy Free Vegetarian Quiche

Since my mom was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease in 2000, I’ve culled a library of gluten free delicious recipes. I try to bring one to potlucks to give my GF peeps something good to eat. If you’re dairy free, you’re in luck. This quiche is free of gluten and dairy.(If you’re into the dairy, add a cup of shredded cheese and use milk or cream.)

GF/Diary Free/Vegetarian Quiche

GF/Diary Free/Vegetarian Quiche

3 cups shredded hash brown potatoes
1/4 cup olive oil
seasoning salt to taste
1/2 cup grilled onions
1/2 cup diced tomatoes
1 cup spinach
6 eggs
2 cups Almond or Soy Milk
salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 425 degrees
Brush oil on cast iron pan. Press hash browns onto the bottom and sides of skillet. Bake in preheated oven for 20 minutes or until beginning to brown.
Saute onions, set aside. In a separate bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, salt, pepper, and a little seasoning salt. When crust is ready, spread onions, tomatoes, and spinach on the bottom, then cover with egg mixture.
Reduce oven temperature to 350 degrees F
Bake in preheated oven for 40 to 50 minutes, or until filling is puffed and golden brown.

See how I added a side to the “crust.”

2014-06-15 14.29.52

Hash browns are brown, golden brown.

2014-06-15 14.35.07

Ready to bake. (I added cheese to the top)

2014-06-15 15.06.14


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Good TV shows you’re not watching

When I’m not crafting, sewing, cooking, or gardening , I love pulling up the couch for a little binge TV. I’ve not had cable in years and love being able to watch shows on my own time, so I am a fan of Netflix and Hulu Plus especially now that all the online carriers are competing for my eyeballs with great candy like “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black.” Diving a little deeper, I’ve found some great shows that are totally flying under the radar and thought I’d share.


The Wrong Mans
6 episodes, 22 minutes each, HULU
“Sam and Phil must dodge bullets and escape explosions in their quest to save not just themselves, but their loved ones and ultimately their whole town.”
This is a seriously charming and very suspenseful show. If you liked Shaun of the Dead, this is right up your alley.

Bletchley Circle
3 episodes, 45 minutes each BBC on Netflix stream
“In 1952, four women who worked at the wartime code-breaking center, Bletchley Park, reunite to track down a serial killer”
Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Call the Midwife. Cool story that keeps it going to the end.

Behind the Mask
6 episodes, 22 minutes, HULU
“So many different people want pieces of him. Everyone wants to be around him. Everyone wants to take a picture of him. Who the heck is this guy?”
This is what reality TV should be. This is a behind the scenes look at sports mascots: high school, college, minor league and pro. The guys are sweet and have real life hurdles (injury, girl crushes, academics and career aspirations and disappointments) that make you want to cheer them on!

6 Episodes, 45 minutes each, Sundance on Netflix stream
“After 19 years on Death Row for the rape and murder of his teenage girlfriend, Daniel Holden is going home.”
Haunting is a good word. This show has the potential to run the gamut of emotions, but the lead character is so restrained, everyone else has no choice but to follow his lead to see where he goes. This first season only scratched the surface of the complex characters and subtle plot. And the MUSIC. The music is so good, it enhances the sentiment and atmosphere.

Top of the Lake
7 Episodes, 45 minutes each, Sundance on Netflix stream
“When pregnant, 12-year-old Tui tries to kill herself in a freezing New Zealand lake, Detective Robin Griffin has plenty of questions for the girl. But when Tui suddenly disappears, Griffin finds herself knee-deep in small-town secrets.”
This cool show has been compared to Twin Peaks for good reason. Spooky. Odd characters. Beautiful setting. A mystery that keeps going. From Jane Champion.

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