Groovy 1970s Tote Bags

The one with the most fabric in the end wins. Nooooooo!!!!!!

I am determined not to have piles of fabric leftover when I leave for the big sewing room in the sky. That goes for notions too.groovey bag

I was digging in the studio and unearthed SIX sets of bamboo purse handles. I’m sure it was some sort of score from a clearance rack. So I dug into the fabric stash and found some groovy hand-me-downs from Mom. The one in the photo here was a chair upholstery project. We had a groovy house.

I used my favorite tote bag as my template, created my pattern and got down to business.

Click here to see them all, plus notes to make pattern.

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Spirit Sticks, Truth Sticks, Talking Sticks, Prayer Sticks

This was a really fun project for the g-friends. No one needed to have an ounce of talent or creativity. But we all have some, don’t we? Just a little? Down deep? Regardless….a talking stick

I asked my friends to come over on Valentine’s day and bring a stick. It was great fun. The ingredients included fabric, wire, ribbon, yarn, bottle caps, beads, feathers, and wine.

I also made some lovely hanging art for the yard.

Click here to see them all.

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Hipstamic Bathroom Photos

New bathroom art compliments of Hipstamatic and the ladies room at Casellis’ Halfway Club. Photo of an OLD Kotex dispenser makes me smile. See photos here: Https://
Hipstmatic Bathoom Photos

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