Cootie Quilt

SNV32570It’s not very often that I start a project that gets commandeered from me. I should have seen it coming. When I told my mom about my plans to make a “cootie” theme blanket for my new nephew Jake, the look on her face told me she had to be involved. And it didn’t stop there. My niece, Katherine, loves viruses and my Aunt Mary, also had input. Before I knew it, my mom took the top of it and left for Indiana. She did send it back, with embellishments from Katie, Mary and herself.

Key to virus:

  • Red with black dot: Rhinovirus (common cold)
  • Red with white lines and dots: HIV
  • Yellow dots in line: Staph
  • Yellow dots in cluster: Strept
  • Purple: Dust mites (named Dottie)
  • Grey with red fringe: Cooties

Only my family would get excited about making this for a baby to crawl on. I hope Jake likes it. I want to show him how to use it for a “cootie shield.”

Photos here.

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