Makers Faire 2009

How do you describe this?makers faire 2009 (51)

Last year, I was in San Francisco around Christmas time and just in time for a Renegade Craft Faire. My friend Rachel wanted to meet up with me. I asked her to meet me in Golden Gate Park for the fair. Her reply was, “really?” Really. She was amazed at the work being done. Plushies shaped like pancreas’, letterpress cards, cool stuff.

It was a nice coincidence that I was in the Bay Area again for her baby shower and Makers Faire– the Olympics of all things hacked, created, and made. Peter and I left early in the morning and as I left, I told my sister that I’d be home by 4 pm. There was no way I could last on my feet all day. I got back closer to 7pm and dragging. We nearly closed the place down. And we missed one entire building. Geesh.

Highlights, no particular order:

Planning a 2-day pass next year.

Photos are here.

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