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One day while on a plane back from a conference, I had a spark. I was thinking about my job and what is the next step. How long can I stay in marketing? Really. How long can anyone stay in that profession without becoming cynical, jaded, ugly humans. If I didn’t do this, what would I do? I’m good at it. I’m rewarded. What could give me the satisfaction I craved?

Whenever I had shared my handiwork with friends—purses, clothes, crafts— it always elicited the same reaction: “You should sell these.” And my comeback was always the same. “Naw.”

That isn’t the point. I like making things for the sake of making things. I loved making things for friends as gifts. As I made them I thought about them and sometimes prayed for them. When I handed it over, the joy I felt was irresistible. I had made items for auctions for charity, and always felt a pang at letting go. Obviously, I could not make items for sale. It was about the process.

Another reaction I got to my projects was about my talent. I don’t feel like I’ve got any more talent than the next person. I do have some skills that I’ve honed over the years and have kept a curiosity about learning new skills.

So my spark was to not only sharing my projects, but to share the idea of crafting with people — no pressure, just encouragement to try it. One theme that you will hear from me over and over is that we, as a society, place too much emphasis on being the best, attaining perfection, no mistakes, faster, better, stronger, failure is not an option. How exhausting. I will refrain from my tangent, plenty of time later for that, but you A-types, take notice, this is the place to come to release from your brain.

So I hope you enjoy learning something new.

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