August is “Finish a Project” month


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OK, not really. I made that up. But let me inspire you. I was cleaning the studio and uncovered a dress I made for my sister’s wedding. This weekend marks their 7-year anniversary. I didn’t finish it at the time because it didn’t fit quite right. I didn’t think my boobs should be on display at my sister’s wedding.

So 7 years and about 40 pounds lighter, and I discovered that I still like it. It’s a timeless style. Wrap dresses never go out of style and flatter every figure. The only thing it needed was a hem and the hole for the waistband.

Ta-Da! Photos here.

The material, from Great Grandma Curry, makes it all the more special.

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One response to “August is “Finish a Project” month

  1. Renee

    We should have a dress swap of sorts. The finished projects with a style/color that we thought would look great.
    But not so flattering once we put them on.
    I KNOW I am not the only one who has done this.

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