Pretty purse with hardware

Yellow Purse with Grommets (7)I bought this fabric at the Fabric Depot in Portland when we were on vacation last year. I knew I wanted to make a purse from it. When I started reading about grommets and studs as the accessory for this fall, I decided to make a feminine purse with a hardware kind of edge. Wandering through Home Depot, I found the perfect notion: wrapped wire, ferrule and stop (the stops are like crimps). Cool.

I made it from a basic basket pattern; you can find these online easily. Cutting it out, I was not paying close attention and had the fold on the wrong side. Doh. We all do this, right?

The other thing I noticed was that the basket was a little too open at the top. I like getting items in and out of my purse, but I don’t want anyone able to peek in. So I took it in at the side an inch. It gave it more of a taper and lets it sit up. I also like a bag with more structure. I backed the fabric with heavy interfacing and added a plastic purse bottom cut to fit the bottom.  I find the big black plastic sheets (1/16” wide) at Mill End, but you have to ask for it, it is a specialty item. You cut them to fit.

The wire and ferrule stop took a while to figure it out. My advice is to thread the wire through, but not all the way through, so that the ends are inside the stop. I left them out and tried to cut them off, they were very sharp. So I had to try it again.

I love this purse. I made two.

Photos set here.

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