Gifts from home

gifts from home (3)

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Mom’s been cleaning and I got a package!

  1. A tablecloth and napkin set I made in 4-H. I am amazed at my even stitches.
  2. A box of (some very ugly) ties. She bought at a garage sale. Stay posted on what I do with these gems.
  3. A homemade “MasterDabbler” mascot. If we’re lucky, she’ll post how she made this.

I also got some random weird stuff. My favorite is between the hospital file from my hospital stay when I was 10 months old and a press clipping of Mike Murphy running against Dan Burton in Congress District 5 (Indiana). I’ve strongly disliked Dan Burton (R-IN) for 20 years. Good luck Mike, my check is in the mail.

Thanks Mom!

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