Good enough for one sailor man

spinach salad dressing

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One of my favorite foods has always been spinach. As a kid, I loved spinach, asparagus, beets, and would whine vocally in the store for yogurt or some other wholesome healthy food, embarrassing my mom. Most of these foods were out of our 5 kids/1.5 salaries/in Indiana kind of budget.

So my favorite way to eat spinach is salads. I take this recipe straight from one of the best little eatries here in Reno: Silver Peak Brewery. Spinach, goat cheese, pecans, red onions (sliced paper thin), and a dried cherries. I love it.

This week, I had this salad for lunch and made some special dressing, which I shared with a co-worker, which she raved. So special dressing:

¼ cup of olive oil (love the Spanish olive oil from Trader Joes, it’s nutty and sweet)

¼ cup of red wine vinegar

Dash of black pepper

Tablespoon of cherry preserves from Ikeda

Whisk and toss into salad


And wash your spinach, even if it comes from a bag.

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