Playa Hat

click to see "after"

click to see "after"

I met DaveDoug in August 2004. They came from Washington DC for the burn and didn’t plan on the cold weather on the playa at night, so they came into town for warm clothes. Unbeknownst to me, Peter gave them my phone numbers and I got these cryptic messages from these guys with THICK east coast accents before joining Peter out at Burning Man.  That first year, I couldn’t remember which was which, so they were: DaveDoug. In the years since, we’ve camped near them, or spent good times together. It’s what BM is all about: meeting new friends, for life.

Since he and his brother are not attending this year, Doug came out to Reno a few weeks ago to empty his Burning Man storage unit. Peter and I were the recipients of the spoils, including this hat. I found out that I’m going on Friday and committed not to take on a huge sewing/craft/etc. for it, but I decided that I needed this hat, and I’d re-figure it to make it me, as well as bring a bit of DaveDoug with me to BRC.

Thanks Dave, I love you man, you’re beautiful. Your smile can light up the playa night.

Thanks Doug, you’re the salt of the earth. Your laugh melts my heart.

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  1. hello! I just wanted to let you know that I do indeed post all of my gluten-free recipes on my blog, you should be able to click on a link to it from this comment. Happy cooking! ❤

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