This space brought to you by…

Bedroom Painting (5)

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This space brought to you by three years of indecision. When we remodeled the kitchen, living room and master bath, we did very little to the master bedroom. Peter installed a cool vanity on a wall. I had an old chair re-covered. And paint. I wanted a white minimalist bedroom, like I was sleeping on a big fluffy cloud.

 And then there was this space. What to do, what to do. Peter had ideas and plans. It was CRYING for something there. To me it made our chic and modern room look, what’s the word, look not quite done. A month ago I was flipping through a Met Home and came across an ad for Ann Sack’s tiles. (Have I mentioned how much I love Ann Sack’s designs. Oh so lovely.) Well, hello, you are going to be my new masterpiece.

I created the design in Illustrator to get the feel of the colors and to sell my husband on the idea. I also used the printout to hang in the room to make sure the colors would meld with the yellowish white walls. I found a coupon at Michaels, bought a canvas, and donned my beret and brush. I did a few layers of colors to make it rich. I was intending to cover it with varnish to give it a monochromatic sheen. But afterwards, Peter talked me out of it. We’re hanging it and if I decide later to do that, I will.

Painting here.

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  1. Andy

    Nice work! Here’s a little tip for when you want a do a big painting (and you’re a bit on the handy side and know how to stretch a canvas)… Instead of spending $$ on a large canvas, I get a couple of 2×2’s and make a frame for the size painting I want. Then go to Goodwill and get a queen size sheet or a cheap canvass drop cloth from the hardware store to stretch over it. Apply a liberal amount of gesso and there ya go!

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