Skirt, Simplicity 9825

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Love this funky skirt. I bought the material from Fabric Depot  in Portland, Oregon. We happened in town the week of a heat wave. It was 100 degrees in Portland, so miserable. We went there to escape the heat of Nevada. Fabric Depot was having a tent sale in the parking lot. Oh my, so very miserable. I found this little piece of heaven, along with other gems. I can only imagine the damage I could have done if I wasn’t so hot.

I made the skirt for the Phil’s holiday show. Peter thought it might be a little too weird for that crowd. I wore it to the acclaim of a few. Ok maybe it was a little weird for the Phil crowd.

Tangent Alert: Ok I’ve made many hangers of Simplicity clothes from patterns and noticed that they are really inconsistent in sizing. I’ve been a size 14 for years, and same size in many different lines, Jones New York, BR, Gap, Levis, are a few of my faves. I had to cut out and make a size 20 for me in this skirt. C’mon. Size 20?!?! C’Mon!@#&%!!! I think that some pattern companies are missing the boat with not keeping sizes up to date. I would have linked to the pattern on Simplicity, but that page kept getting hung up on the site. It’s like the company is still marketing to women 60+. (Note to Simplicity: if you’re interested in gaining market share and increasing sales, call me. I have ideas.)

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