Limoncello with Meyer Lemons and Rosemary

Christmas gift this year. We wanted to make Limoncello based on this great Sunset recipe. We thought about it last year, but ran out of time, so I put it in the queue for 2009. Well getting things ready, I mis-read the instructions; thought it took 40 days, really takes 80 days via this recipe.

Peter interviewed Paolo at Portofino. Paolo uses Everclear and lets it set for three weeks. We’ll try that next time. This is for gifts, so went for Smirnoff 100 proof and Meyer lemons, thanks to my produce princess at Bonanza. Jody at Bonanza Produce found the 40+ Meyer lemons for me. And since Peter is involved, we did a double batch. He loves to go whole hog on recipes especially on the first try, God love ‘im. That’s why we call him ‘Double Batch.’ Ok, not outside the home.

After peeling 40+ lemons, the question is what to do with the juice from that many lemons? We’ve been drinking a lot of lemonade.

The fine folks at Nevada Home Brewing hooked us up with pretty bottles, stoppers and foil.  The foil shrinks on when you place the foil over the top and dunk into boiling water. We made tags from recycled cardboard, wrapping paper, and hemp string.

Peter and I tested it and love-love-loved it. It’s not as sweet as the store-bought kind and the rosemary is very subtle. I was worried smelling it 20 days in,  it smelled like gin, which I hate. 

We gave our family about 20 bottles. I hope they enjoy it with good friends, at the end of a good meal, and chilled from the freezer.

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