It’s like limons and aranciones

Well, if you were a part of the fortunate few that got a sample of the Limoncello with Rosemary, we’re back at it.

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This time oranges. Peter wanted cloves as a flavor infuser, I wanted ginger. Peter wanted to try regular vodka, I wanted to try grain alcohol.

So it’s oranges infused with ginger with grain alcohol to start, for 40 days. And we’ll add the simple syrup and the additional booze, a lovely Popov Vodka for another 40. We’re also trying the two different steps differently to see how the ginger comes across. One, by putting the ginger in the concoction as well as adding the ginger with the simple syrup to add later. Two bottles going. Stay tuned.

It was not much cheaper to go with the grain alcohol and vodka mixture. Two bottles of 100 proof Smirmoff were $28 each. The Everclear was $36, plus $12 for the Popov. I did save $8. Ohwell.

It’ll be ready the day after the Season Finale of the Reno Phil. That’ll be an ODE TO JOY!

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