Italian Ice Cream Cake

We were in La Vecchia and Alberto was chatting us up about this bread. This is killer for French toast (made in the oven) and ice cream cake. So he gave us one. It sat on the counter for a week and half. I had a Potluck (we call them Pitch Ins in Indiana) to attend. Why not? Let’s go. 

Core it, keeping a “stopper”
chop the bread you don’t snack on 🙂
mix it with gelato or in this case – frozen yogurt, I let it get soft while I was chopping bread
stuff back in and cover it with the stopper
wrap with wax paper and foil
freeze for at least 5 hours 

It was easy, light and everyone seemed to LOVE IT. 


Click here for more images.

Don’t tell Alberto I didn’t use gelato.

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