Dinner Party Tips

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I hope that if you signed up to host Thanksgiving, you’re not regretting it now. It really is not that hard, as long as you have it all planned out. Rather than list the things to do, E-how did the work for us. This list includes doing a timeline. What time to put sweet potatoes in the oven, take the turkey out to rest, steam the veggies, etc. I can’t stress that one enough. You don’t cook a turkey every day, so plot it out. Seems dorky, but all your food will make it to the table hot! AND you could carve out time to take a leisurely walk with your guests in the afternoon or catch the big game.

I usually get my linens out a few days before (time to check for stains and holes.) I get my recipes in order and lay them out with shopping lists. I also like to make a dessert that you can make the day before, saves time and counter space.

Enjoy and remember it’s not about the food; it’s about the company and all the things we have to be grateful.

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