40th Birthday Pinata

This is my brother-in-law’s bday present. I couldn’t be there. I heard it was off-the-hook. (I-love-the-hyphen.) My sister rented the SF Mexican bus. She also got great party favors of flasks with good tequila. So I had to make a cool gift to fit in the South-of-the-Border.  Lots of great online videos got my juices going.

If you are going to use a picture, make sure you make that printout from a laser printer – an ink jet print out will smear. I covered this with the all-too-cool Mod Podge. Also, I wanted a big-frickin-head, I used a beat-it-balloon from the dollar store.

I made it adult, by adding Advil Packets amongst the Mexican candy I found. I’m sure those packets came in handy come about 6:30am.

This is a sloppy project – great for kids – bad for carpet. Put a huge drop cloth down (an old shower curtain is my pick) and wear an apron.

Feliz Cumpleaños, Jason!

click for more photos

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