IPhone Photo Apps

I have 2 camera apps on my phone that has been an area of DELIGHT. I’ve looked at this one on appofmyeye, looks fun. BTW, App of my Eye is an app review site. Find cool games, technology, productivity apps here.

Hipstamatic: allows you to pick film, flash and lens. It’s 4.99, and additional items are at a cost, but the photos really have a retro feel.

Instagram: It’s free. This has as social media part to it, so you can share and “like” friend’s photos. You can also choose the treatment after the photo is taken. I don’t think as a good as Hipstamatic, but really fun.

See my photos.

I have an art project that I’m thinking about for a few of the photos. Which photo do you think works for this?


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2 responses to “IPhone Photo Apps

  1. Many thanks for making the effort to write this! 🙂

    I love photography apps. Has anyone else tried the Photo 365 app?

    It’s excellent for people such as me who take pictures everyday.

    It easily saves your pictures to a nice little calendar and you can even print a photo book of each day!

    Click here to see it in the App Store!

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