Re-Cap on 2011 Re-Use Experiment

My projects:

Tote Bag

New Swing materials


Another chandelier



Art bib

Bird Suet

What I learned:

  1. Its really hard to get off the Joann Fabrics Email list.
  2. I have a lot of GOOD material.
  3. It stifled my creativity or created another block to getting in the studio.
  4. Good to waste material on “experiments” that failed (see below) to learn a new technique.

Failed Unblogged Projects:

  • VELVET vest. Eeks. I need to find a way to get that material back. Maybe a hat.
  • Skirt. Its on Flickr. That was supposed to be a bubble skirt.
  • Cigar box purse. I will have to set up a photo of this one. It’s very weird!

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