Dumpster Dive Chair



Chair Before


I am a connoisseur of the dumpster dive. I can spot a ‘beaut’ a block away, and Peter has developed a sense of when I’m going to pounce out of the truck and throw something in the back. (Most times he speeds up.)

This “great” chair was with its mate on the sidewalk. Unfortunately the mate didn’t make it. It had structural issues that were beyond my wood working abilities. This one was sound, comfy, and U-G-L-Y. I spent time with it trying to sand off the brown paint/stain. I had planned on painting it a nice tangerine color. Then I was working on another project with dye on wood and chose to try out what it would look like with the dye. I figured if it didn’t work out the tangerine paint is always an option.

Looks nice in my rustic backyard dining area. I lounge while Peter cooks for me.

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