Bedroom Before/After

I have much respect for interior designers. Finding a good balance of form
/function and design/personality in a room is tough.

Case in point: my bedroom. When we moved into the master bedroom after painting and finishing the bathroom, I wanted a white room. All white. I wanted to be in cloud. I thought: “how relaxing.” Nope. Not even close.

For a minimalist room, you need to COMMIT to no clutter. No water glass on the bedside table. No book. Dog bed and toys? Fugetabowit. It looked like I just haven’t committed to a style, let alone a color.

So I forgo the white and begin adding: teal here, moss green there. Look at the cool pillows I made with some vintage mid-century fabric. And for the finishing touch: these white speckled lamps that warm up my room and my heart. (Special thanks to Tessa at the Nest for helping me pick these out.)

Nap time!





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