Pillow sham and zipper tutorial

Gosh. I love my bedroom. It’s been through a few variations. Click here to see transformation.

A great artist knows when to quit. Too bad that’s not me.Still fussing.

I made new pillow shams to show off the pillows I made with the vintage mid-century fabric. I used the upholstery fabric from my chair. And added these cool squares I discovered from IKEA. (Side note: I bought a batch of 8×8 remnet squares for fun — perhaps a bunting banner —  and put them to use immediately.)

To add the zipper to the back. It’s quite easy and remember it’s on back, don’t stress!
Line up one side of the zipper to the edge of  the fabric. 

See my blue thread . Flip it over and fix the other side.

Turn over and press with iron.

Fix to the top half.

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