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I started crafting as early as five years old. The craft was embroidery of a dog on a piece of burlap with yarn, and surprisingly, it was good. I took on batik, painting and sewing projects before I was even 10. I had no fear, only a deep seeded need to make things.

I grew up in a small town in Indiana, the kind of town where you joined Girl Scouts and 4-H, and had Home Economics classes.  My mother was my girl-scout leader and the most talented craft/fiber/watercolor/oils artist. She was and still is my inspiration for the MasterDabbler. She cultivated a curiosity in me as well as her four other children for science, music, athletics, and spirituality.

I have a 25+ year career in marketing, events and non-profit management. I have used my projects to relax. I take great comfort in a project I can control from start to finish, artistically, and on my own timeline. I don’t stress in making something flawless. I accept imperfections as part of the process, and yet there is something exhilarating about ripping something apart to do it over again. . . a little better.

I live in Reno, Nevada in a mid-century home (with the coolest kitchen) with my sexy husband Peter and our dog Sadie Mae.

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3 responses to “My bio

  1. Vicki Bell

    Thanks for sharing your website with me. I enjoyed it. While I will never be a masterdabbler or even a dabbler, I’m glad there are some great ones out there.


  2. Bob Infantino

    I have a purse that you left at East of West Art Gallery for the Sheila Leslie fundraiser, I will be closing the gallery due to lack of sales and a lousy economy. Please call me to make arrangements to pick up your purse. Thank you for your support.
    Bob Infantino 775 691 5846

  3. Grace Hutchison

    Burge RULES.

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