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Image Transfer

I am loving this art technique. I can use some neat photos taken with my favorite photo app, Hipstamatic. (See post on Photo Apps.)

Here is a photo step by step direction.

Sand and paint the sides. I find these little frames at stores like Ross with goofy sayings like: “Move over coffee, this is a job for WINE!”

Image Transfer Art (9)

Add an even coat of gel medium. I like a matte version.

Lay photo on top and rub into the gel. Careful not to rub too hard to tear the paper.  I use my fingers and a block of wood. Let set up at least overnight.
Image Transfer Art (11)

Spray the paper with water and gently rub the paper off. Careful not to rub too hard and remove the photo.

Image Transfer Art (1)

Add a coat of gel medium on top and press different textures into it. I’ve used bubble wrap, mesh bags, plastic wrap.

Finish with a few paint flourishes.


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Lamp redo

Take a $3.00 lamp from the 1980s and make it a cool lamp for the office. I love this Pearl Metallic in Rose Gold. So very hot right now. New lampshade from Ikea.


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Quill Art

I tried this last year after seeing something similar on Pinterest. It was not as easy as it looked and it took much longer than anticipated. In the larger one, I used pages from Azure Magazine. The paper was very thick and hard to curl, but the colors were lovely and the thicker paper gave it heft. I made another with Nevada maps for a friend. The map was more pliable.

I used:
stick glue on paper when rolling
pair of needle-nose pliers to roll the paper consistently
glue gun to adhere to board
paper was cut in strips one inch wide and folded in half

Look on YouTube for some great tutorials on the techniques on different shapes.

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