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Key Chandelier

“If you buy them, you’re carrying them.” This is what Peter said as I paid $4.00 for a large box of keys. I disregarded his comment, un2014-07-06 08.15.32til I went to pick up the box. Oh. Well how could I resist?

I had no idea what I’d do with them, though. But that has never stopped me before bringing odd items into the studio with no plan.


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Wood Batik

I had an idea to use wood and dye creating images on the wood like batik. Batik uses negative space and dye to make the image.

I found this blog post that helped me with the specifics. I used wood glue, painters tape, stencils, and dye from veggies and tea.

I loved this medium. I made several pieces and even sold a few.

Some of the things I learned:

  • I experimented with different kinds of wood. Cheap plywood had the most interesting grain but the wood is very porous. The dye bled.
  • Cabinet grade wood is nice, expensive and it took several layers to get a look.
  • I’ve got more experimenting to do.

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My First Vending Gig

Busy. Busy. Busy.Earth Day Vending

Working on inventory AND signage, and display items. Whew. Come to Earth Day in Idlewild Park. April 21, 10a- 6pm.

I’ll have my tee shirt hats and scarves. A few hipster slouchy hats. Plenty of flower pins and these cozy head bands with flowers. I’ll be with the Indie Reno ladies.

See you then. I’ll jump back on the blog in May. Happy Spring!

Earth Day Vending (2)Earth Day Vending (3)Earth Day Vending (4)

Earth Day Vending (5)

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