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Lamp redo

Take a $3.00 lamp from the 1980s and make it a cool lamp for the office. I love this Pearl Metallic in Rose Gold. So very hot right now. New lampshade from Ikea.


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Easy birdbath 

$65.00 in shale pavers

$5.00 deep dish pizza dish

Random rocks

20 minutes stacking

Add water


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Non-Skid Chair Pad

If you can believe it, this was a dumpster dive. This chair was saved from the landfill from the offices of the Reno Chamber Orchestra. I took it home, cleaned it up and loved it’s cool color and clean design. I didn’t like the vinyl uncomfortable feeling. So I bought the classic Ikea RENS. But then it slipped off every time I stood up.

  So let’s MacGyver this. Take one faux sheepskin and one rug pad.
  Pin the pad to the back of the skin.  Sew around the edges, then trim. (I used a 16 gauge needle.)
  Viola! Cozy and stays in place.  Maybe make one for the car?

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