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Sharknado Costume

Who wouldn’t need this?

Our table was fun.

The tornado centerpiece was my design as well.

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Jeans’ Patch Tutorial

Patchwork jeans are the latest trend in jeans. You can spend $100s of dollars to get this look. Or…


These are my favorite jeans. Boyfriend style, 6 years old and oh, so soft.


Cut a little square of heavy material (denim or canvas) and cut a few strips of fusible web adhesive. Iron the patch to the back of the jeans so that the fabric’s pattern shows through the hole. The adhesive will peel away from where the fabric is seen from the right side.


Sew a little box around it.





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Oven mitts

Little easy project. Oven mitts copied from my ratted out ones.

Fabric, 1/2 yard
Batting (use real cotton, it resists the heat better)
Bias tape (I made my own!)

Copy the mitt and make a pattern, cut 4 for 2 mitts with lining.  Cut strips on a 45degree angle.
  Use tool to fold strips into bias tape.
Sew the outside to liner with batting in the middle. I was able to use some cool stitches for fun.  Sew them together, trim, turn right side out and add bias tape to edge at the bottom. 

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