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Oh my gauze (tunic) freestyle pattern making

TunicFound this little gem on Pinterest via Ebay. And I happen to have some gauze to concoct a new something something. So let’s go to the graph paper and sketch this out.
The pattern had a top panel with the neck cut on the fold. Two panels over the belly and two panels to add length. I made some bias tape for the neck hole. I over lapped the top and belly panel as well as the bottom so that I could allow fringe to hang. I also cut the bottom in a different direction to add more interest. I like the fringe at the bottom. I see this as a nice bathing suit cover with a sarong for a real cool bo-ho look this summer.

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Non-Skid Chair Pad

If you can believe it, this was a dumpster dive. This chair was saved from the landfill from the offices of the Reno Chamber Orchestra. I took it home, cleaned it up and loved it’s cool color and clean design. I didn’t like the vinyl uncomfortable feeling. So I bought the classic Ikea RENS. But then it slipped off every time I stood up.

  So let’s MacGyver this. Take one faux sheepskin and one rug pad.
  Pin the pad to the back of the skin.  Sew around the edges, then trim. (I used a 16 gauge needle.)
  Viola! Cozy and stays in place.  Maybe make one for the car?

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Change a Life with Fabric Scraps

When I sew, I keep a little basket by the table to catch scraps. I do this for a GOOD reason.When I have this much. I grab some old pillow cases and stuff them. Sew them close.


They go to my local SPCA or Humane Society for dog beds. I hate the thought of those sweet homeless dogs on concrete. If you live in Northern Nevada and would like to give me scraps or pillow cases, message me.


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