Abstract Quill Art

If you remember I tried technique this a few years ago for an art show (Art Slaves) for people in advertising. It was so much more difficult than imagined. I used pages from the magazine Wallpaper. It was thick and hard to roll, but had lovely colors and patterns. I tried again making a present for a friend using maps of Nevada. Kinda neat.

I wanted another using different again. This time using all blue pages of the New York Times magazine. Very thin. Still hard to manage since it tears so easily. But I liked the different gauges and girths.

Quill Abstract (1)

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Image Transfer

I am loving this art technique. I can use some neat photos taken with my favorite photo app, Hipstamatic. (See post on Photo Apps.)

Here is a photo step by step direction.

Sand and paint the sides. I find these little frames at stores like Ross with goofy sayings like: “Move over coffee, this is a job for WINE!”

Image Transfer Art (9)

Add an even coat of gel medium. I like a matte version.

Lay photo on top and rub into the gel. Careful not to rub too hard to tear the paper.  I use my fingers and a block of wood. Let set up at least overnight.
Image Transfer Art (11)

Spray the paper with water and gently rub the paper off. Careful not to rub too hard and remove the photo.

Image Transfer Art (1)

Add a coat of gel medium on top and press different textures into it. I’ve used bubble wrap, mesh bags, plastic wrap.

Finish with a few paint flourishes.

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Less Fat/Full Flavor Peanut Sauce

Did this little experiment. I found this product, PB Fit, which is typically used in smoothies. (Enjoying it now with spinach and banana.) What if I used this instead of peanut butter in peanut sauce for a less fat alternative?

Cook a pound of diced chicken in large skillet, remove and set aside. Add one can of light coconut milk (with ½ teaspoon ginger paste, 1 teaspoon red pepper sauce, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce) and cook on medium stirring continually, until warm, about 3 minutes. Add 3-4 tablespoons of PB Fit whisking to mix thoroughly. Once it is to the consistency you prefer, add back in your chicken with spinach, shredded carrots, peapods and any other ingredients, cover and heat about 10 minutes. I served over shredded cabbage for low carb version.

Yes. Full flavor, less fat. And….one pot.

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